Đề ôn tập Tiếng Anh Khối 9 - Unit 6+7 (Có đáp án)


1/Coal, oil, gas . are _____________resources.

A. nature B. natural C. naturally D. unnaturally

2/ She has ___________provided a picnic lunch for us.

A. kind B. kindness C. kindly D. unkind

3/ We’ll make this beach clean and___________ again.

A. beautiful B. beauty C. beautifully D. beautify

4/ In many countries, people crowd the streets to watch __________parades.

A. color B. colorfully C. colorful D. colorless

5/ The children laughed____________ when they played with their toys.

A. happy B. unhappy C. happily D. happiness


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was cancelled ___________the heavy rain.
A. because	B. because of	C. although	D. in spite of 
9/ ______________the forest is important to the environment, people should stop cutting down trees.
A. despite	B. Though	C. Since 	D. Because of 
10/ __________there are many celebrations throughout the year, Tet is the most important celebration for Vietnamese people .
A. Because	B. But 	C. Although	D. As 
The water and land around the chemical factory are serious polluted. 
 A B C D 
The letter has just written by one of my closest friends. 
 A B C D 
If I was in your place, I will make a trip to England. 
 A B	 C	 D 
Physics are very difficult for students to learn. 
	 A B C	 D 
Mary's mother gave her a new hat at her birthday. 
 A B C D 
He loves his parents very much and wants them to be happily . 
 A B C	 D 
This man on TV supposes to be the tallest person in the world. 
 A B C D 
Lan didn’t go to the cinema with her friends last Saturday evening because her sickness. 
 A B C D 
Michelle has got the job. You must congratulate her for her success. 
 A B C D 
We are used to live next door to each other at one time. 
 A B C D 
My brother goes to study in New York next month. 
 A B C D 
If there are too much exhaust fume in the air, our breathing will be badly affected. 
 A B C D 
 Your parents are pride that you are the most intelligent student in your class
 A B C . D 
 Will you tell him the truth if you met him tomorrow? 
 A B C D 
 I am looking forward to hear from my parents
 A B C D 
The students seemed very nervously before the final exam. 
 A	 B	 C D 
When you want to go fishing this morning , I’ll go with you. 
 A	 B	 C	 D 
If anyone come here , wake me up immediately. 
 A B	 C	 D 
 How much languages can you speak fluently? 
 A	 B C	 D 
They sing so beautiful that everyone wants to listen to them. 
 A	 B 	 C	 D 
These windows are very dirty . They need to clean immediately. 
 A	 B 	 C	 D 
I enjoyed listening to music and go shopping . 
 A	 	B C D 
She is tired; moreover , she has to finish her homework .
 A	 B C	D 
I/ Choose A, B, C or D to complete a complaint letter : 
 Dear sir / Madam,
 I am writing to you about the short stop of your trucks around my house on their way to the north.
 (1)________ the trucks of your company have a short break on the streets around my (2)________ , the drivers have left lots of garbage (3)________ the ground after their refreshment. When the trucks leave the place, the ground is covered with trash (4)________ a few minutes later there is smell and flies.
I would suggest that your company should tell your drivers to clear up all the trash on the ground before leaving. I look forward to hearing from you and (5)________ good response from your company.
Your faithfully,
Pham Nguyen.
 	 1. A. What	B. Where 	C. When	D. If
2. A. village 	B. house	C. town	D. city 	
 3. A. at	B. of	C. in	D. on 	
 4. A. if	B. but	C. because 	D. and	 
 5. A. see	 	B. to see	C. seeing	D. to seeing 
II/ Read text carefully, and then choose the correct answer 
More than two hundred years ago, the term “environmental pollution” was quite strange to people, they lived healthily, drank pure water, and breathed fresh air. Nowadays, the situation is quite different. People all over the world are worried about things that are happening to the environment. Actually it is man that is destroying the surroundings with many kinds of wastes. Everybody knows that motorbikes and cars emit dangerous gases that cause poisonous air and cancer, but no one wants to travel on foot or by bicycle. Manufacturers know that wastes from factories make water and soil polluted, but they do not want to spend a lot of their money on treating the wastes safely. Scattering garbage is bad for our health, but no one wants to spend time burying it. Is it worth talking a lot about pollution?
More than two hundred years ago
the environment was polluted as much as it is today
people knew almost nothing about environmental pollution
air was polluted badly
people faced up to pollution 
 Nowadays, many people are concerned about
the poisonous air	 b. the polluted water
c. the wastes from the factories	d. the environmental pollution. 
 According to the passage, people know that motorbikes and cars emit dangerous gases, _______________ 
so they do not travel by motorbikes and cars. b. so they prefer traveling by bicycles
c. but they still prefer traveling by motorbikes and cars d. and they enjoy traveling on foot. 
 Factory owners	
know nothing about pollution b. pollute water and soil
c. spend a lot of money on treating wastes d. don’t treat industrial wastes safely 
 Which of the followings is NOT true?
In former days, people led a healthy life.
People have no awareness of the danger of pollution
Water is now heavily contaminated by industrial wastes.
It’s harmful for our health if rubbish is spread over our areas. 	
IX/ Read the text and do the tasks bellow
	Mr. Brown and some volunteer conservationists are on a very dirt beach now. Today they are ready to make the beach a clean and beautiful place again. After listening to Mr. Brown’s instructions, they are divided into three groups. Group one needs to walk along the shore. Group two should check the sand, and Group 3 has to check among the rocks. Garbage must be put into plastic bags, and the bags will be collected by Mr. Jones. He will take the bags to the garbage dump. Each member is given a map to find the right place. They won’t eat the picnic lunch provided by Mrs. Smith until the whole area is clean. They are all eager to work hard so as to refresh this spoiled area.
Answer the questions
Where are Mr. Brown and volunteer conservationists now?
a.They are on the riverbanks b. They are on a very dirty beach now
c. They are on the paddy field d.They are at the foot of a mountain and by a river.	 
What do they do after listening to Mr. Brown’s instructions?
They are all to clean the dirty beach 
They walk along the beach and collect the garbage
They are divided into three groups, and do their work
They go for a walk along the beach.	 
What does Mr. Jones do?
 a. He collects the plastic bags to the garbage dump 	b. He prepares the lunch for everybody
 c. He checks the rock. d. He gives the map to everybody.
Who provides a picnic lunch for everybody?
a.Mr. Brown 	b. Mrs. Smith c. Mr. Jones d. The volunteer conservationists.
What will they achieve if they work hard today?
If they work hard they will refresh the spoiled beach
If they work hard they will refresh the mountain 
If they work hard they will refresh the riverbanks
If they work hard they will refresh the park	 
We should stop destroying forests as _________________________ .
A. the forests provide us valuable resources C. the forests provide for us valuable resources 
B. the forests provide us with valuable resources D. the forests provide with valuable resources 
Our streets will be clean if _________________________ .
A. people stop to litter 	C. people stop littering	
B. people don’t stop to litter 	D. people don’t stop littering 
3. It’s necessary that __________________________ .
A. we may protect the environment 	C. we should protect the environment
B. we can protect the environment 	D. we might protect the environment 
4. If factories have better methods to protect the environment, _________________________ .
	A. we won’t have to suffer the air pollution. 	C. we wouldn’t have to suffer the air pollution
	B. we won’t have to suffer from the air pollution 	D. we wouldn’t have to suffer from the air pollution 
5. Lan broke the glass because of her carelessness. 	
A. Because Lan did carelessly, she broke the glass. 	C. Because Lan got carelessness, she broke the glass.
B. Because Lan was careless, she broke the glass. 	D. Because Lan made carelessness, she broke the glass. 
6. “I will call the police if you don’t give me back my bicycle” means :
A. Unless you give me back my bicycle, I will call the police.
B.Unless you don’t give me back my bicycle, I will call the police.
C. Unless you give me back my bicycle, I won’t call the police.
D.Unless you gave me back my bicycle, I would call the police. 
7. “Hurry up or you will be late for the concert” means :
If you hurry up, you will be late for the concert.
If you don’t hurry up, you will be late for the concert.
Hurry up unless you will be late for the concert.
Unless you hurry up, you won’t be late for the concert. 
8. We won’t go out unless it stops raining.
A.If it stops raining, we won’t go out. 	B. If we go out, it will stop raining.
 C. If it doesn’t stop raining, we won’t go out. D. We would go out if it didn’t stop raining
1/ Many people are interested _______the products that save energy.
A. with	B. about	C. in	D. on 
2/ What can we do to spend less ________ lighting?
A. about 	B. on 	C. in	D. of 
3/ Pay the bill within 2 weeks or the electricity will be cut ________.
A. up 	B. down 	C. in	D. off 
4/ I’m looking ______ the gas bill. Have you thrown it ________ ?
A. after / away 	B. at / out C. for / away 	D. for / out 
1/ In Western countries, electricity, gas, and water are not luxuries but ..
goods 	B.foods 	C. products D. necessities 
2/ Scientists are working for an . way to reduce energy consumption.
effect 	B.effective C.effection D.effectively 
3/ If you want to save money, you should  the amount of water your family uses.
increase 	B.reduce 	C. adapt D. repair 
4/  put all the guests on the first floor ?
Why don’t we B.I think we should C. How about D.Let’s 
5/ You should . the amount of water your family uses by  shower.
 A. increase – using B. reduce – use 	C. reduce – using 	D. increase – use 
1/ She  breakfast at 8.30 yesterday morning
had 	B. is having 	C. was having D. has 
2/ Chi .. his brother already
phoned 	B. had phoned C. have phoned D. has phoned 
3/ When I got up, it ..
rains 	B. rained 	C. is raining D. was raining 
4/ Her father  me before.
Sees 	B. saw 	C. will see D. has seen 
5/ Mrs Thu .. the newspaper while her husband was watching T.V.
was reading 	B. is reading C. reads D. read 
6/ Lan’s teacher . that song into Vietnamese recently.
Translates B. translated C. has translated D.have translated 
7/ Mr Quang fell over while he . basketball.
was playing 	B. is playing C. played D. plays 
8/ I suggest that we  by motorbike instead of by bus
can go 	B. will go 	C. should go D. must go 
9/ When I came home, everybody .. the television
watched 	B. were watching C. was watching D. is watching 
10/ How long Trung’s sister .. English ?- For six years
did/ learn 	B. has/ learned C. has/ been learnt D.does/ learn 
11/ They  since last week
didn’t smoke B. weren’t smoke C. haven’t smoked D. hasn’t smoked 
12/ This baby care of by my grandmother for nearly a month.
has taken 	B. has been taken C. is taken D. was taken 
13/ Hong Son  for the national team in 99 matches so far.
 A. has played 	B. is playing C. played D. was playing 
1/ Before you go to bed, please turn _______all the lights.
A. off	B. in	C. on	D. over 
2/ She should stay at home to ____________her sick mother.
A. look up	B. look after	C. look into	D. look for 
3/ What will happen if the pollution _________on ?
A. goes	B. puts	C. pulls	D. takes 
4/ I’ve ______________my glasses every where, but I can’t find them anywhere.
A. looked after	B. looked for	C. looked up	D. looked into 
5/ It’s dark here, please ______ all the lights.
A. turn on 	B. go on	C. get on	D. keep on 
6/ If we _________________wasting electricity, we’ll have to pay a lot next month.
A. turn on	B. go on 	C. come on	D. live on 
7/ ___________the TV. There is nothing interesting on 
A. Turn on 	B. Turn off	C. Turn down 	D. Turn up 
8/ If you _________using hot water for all your machine washes, your electricity bill will be higher.
A. go on	B. turn on.	 	C. take on 	D. put on 
9/ “ What are you doing there?” “I am _________a book on energy uses.”
A. looking after	B. looking up 	C. looking for	D. looking at 
10/ During the daytime, when the room is light enough, do not ____________the lights.
A. go on 	B. turn on	C. look for 	D. turn off 
11/ To look after means to ____________.
A. turn off	B. go on 	C. take care of	D. take off 
12/ She __________the bus and ran into her school. 
A. got out	B. got off	C. got over 	D. got up 
13/ Her father __________smoking last month.
A. gave away	B. gave off	C. gave up	D. gave out 
14/ May I borrow your dictionary? I want to _________this word.
A. take up	B. look up	C. go up	D. come up 
15/ I suggested.. to the movies
 	A. go B. went 	C. going	D. to go.	
16. I suggest  a separate wastebasket for wastepaper.
 A. to have B. having C. have had 	D. there is	 
17. I suggest that we ...take a shower instead of a bath to save water 
 A. must B. might C. should	 	D. can 	 
18. I suggest that Minh...a good dictionary.
 A. buys B. has to buy C. will buy	 D. should buy 	 
19. I suggest oursheets with single printed page for drafting.
 A. keep	 B. to keep 	C. keeping	 	D. kept.	 
20. My mother suggests (that) we all the lights before going out of the room.
 A. should turn off B. should turn down 	C. turn on	 	D. turn up.	 
21. I suggest on lights when the room is light enough.
 A. not turning B. don’t turn C. to not turning	 D. not to turn. 
22. I suggest . some vegetables for dinner 
 A. to buy B. should buy C. buying	 	D. being bought 
18/ I’d love to go to the party ______ I have to finish my homework.
but 	B.because C. therefore D. however 
19/ He bought a lot of things: notebooks, pens ____ pencils from the shop.
but 	B. or 	C. and 	D. so 
20/ Would you like tea _____ coffee ?
and B. but 	C. so D. or 
21/ The train couldn’t run ______ snow.
because B. because of C. since D. though 
22/ Paul isn’t going to the concert _______ the tickets are too expensive.
because B. because of C. so D. and 
23/ It was raining . ________, the soccer match was going on.
And B. However C. Therefore D. But 
24/ _____ it was so cold, he went out without an overcoat.
If B. Since C. Although D. So 
25/ It hasn’t rained for ages. _______, the ground is very dry.
And B. But C. Therefore D. So 
26/ Lan doesn’t like sports. ______, she doesn’t mind watching football matches.
But B. And C. So D. However 
27/ He didn’t have much money, _____ he bought a lot of things at the shop for Tet.
 A. but B. and C. however D. although 
VI/ Error identification
Who look for your children when you are away from home?
 A B C D 
 My daughter likes watching cartoon films, and so do my son. 
 A B C D 
Although I liked the sweater, I decided to buy it. 
 A B C D 
I haven’t finished to decorate the Christmas tree yet. 
 A B C D 
We suggest planting more trees along the streets have more shades and fresh air. 
 A B C D 
Peter is trying to study hardly to prepare for the exam.
 A B C D 
How about to share the cost of accommodation ? 
 A	 B	 C	 D 
 Are you interesting in learning foreign languages ? 
 A	 B	 C	D 
Despite I didn’t like the sweater, I decided to buy it.
 A	 B C D 
Would you like visiting the museum with us ? 
 A	 B C	 D 
He watched T.V when somebody knocked at the door.
	A	 B 	 C	 D 
He couldn’t sleep so he turned off the TV to watch some programs. 
	 A	 B	C D 
She is out of work now; therefore, she is looking after any jobs in the city.
	A	 	B	 C	 	D 
I. Choose A, B, C or D to complete the passage 
 In Western countries, electricity, gas, and water are not luxuries (1)________ necessities. Companies now realize that consumers want (2)________that will not only work effectively, but also save money .
 For most North American households, lighting accounts for 10 percent to 15 percent of the electricity (3)________ . However, this amount can be reduced by replacing an ordinary 100-watt light bulb with an energy-saving bulb. These bulbs use a quarter of the (4)________of standard bulbs and last eight times (5)________ . Therefore consumers can save about US$7 to US$21 per bulbs	
1. A. if	B. and	C. or	D. but
2. A. presents	B. things	C. products	D. machines 
3. A. bill	B. menu	C. payment 	D. book 	
4.A. electricity	B. electric	C. electrnonics 	D. electrician 
5.A. long 	B. longer	C. longest	D. longer than
II. Read the text and do the tasks that follow
 	Almost all our energy comes from oil, coal, and natural gas. We call them fossil fuels. The earth’s fossil fuels are running out. What will happen when there is no coal, oil and gas on earth?
	Scientists are trying to find and use other alternative sources of energy. We can use energy from the sun, the wind, and the water.
	Solar energy is unlimited. The sun supplies all the energy used to grow plants, to evaporate water for rain, and to maintain the temperature of the planet. All are necessary for human life. If we are able to collect solar energy, we will be sure to have this abundant source of power.
	Another source of energy from nature is the wind which is clean and plentiful. Energy from the wind has been used for centuries to move ships, grind grain, pump water and do other forms of work. In recent time, wind has been used to generate electricity.
	Water can also provide power. For a long time, people have used water to power machines. Some early uses of water were to mill grain, saw wood and power machinery for the textile industry. Today water is mostly used to generate electricity.
New words:
Fossil fuels: nhiên liệu hoá thạch - Abundant = rich: giàu có, nhiều
To evaporate: bốc hơi nước - To grind grain: xay lúa - To saw wood: cưa cây, xẻ gổ
Choose the best option to complete the sentences.
We are asking the question “What will happen when there is no oil, coal, and gas on earth?” because
we are looking for other alternative sources of energy
we are looking forward to seeing great changes.
we are now depending so much on oil, coal and natural gas
other sources of energy can come from the sun, the wind, and the water 
Which pairs of words can be used alternatively?
the sun / the wind 	B. energy / power C. rain / temperature D.plentiful / unlimited 
Centuries ago, people used the wind power to..
maintain the earth’s temperature	B. grow plants
 C. pump water	D. generate electricity. 
Up till now, water energy has been used for.
similar purposes B. moving ship C. the textile industry 	D. different purposes 
The world “abundant” (in bold- type face) in the text probably means.
A. Natural B. plentiful C. necessary	 D. unlimited 
III. Read the following passage and answer the questions: (2pts)
Electricity is the most common form of energy today. In the modern world, electricity is very available at the touch of a switch. Electricity has many uses. The most common use of electricity is to provide artificial lighting. In factories, electricity is used to light up the work place. It is also used to operate air-conditioners, computers and many other machines. Electricity is also used to power many appliances that we have in our homes such as television sets, computers, electric fans, irons and many others. The list is simply endless. Modern man will most probably be lost without electricity.
What is electricity used to do in factories?
a.It is used to clean the work place. b. It is used to iron the clothes of the workers 
c. It is used to light up the work place. d. It is used to cook 	 
What are appliances? 
a.It is artificial lighting. b. It is furniture.
c. It is machinery. 	d.They are television sets, electric fans, washing machines, and fridges	 
What should we do to save electricity at home?
We should turn off the lights and other appliances before going out or after 

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